Listed here are some of my favorite products and brands that I love and trust for my entire family!

Note: I receive an affiliate commission when you purchase through my links. Thank you for helping to support my family! All of the products I share with you are products that I personally use and love. 

Earthley Wellness

Earthley Wellness is my go to company for natural wellness products and herbal supplements/remedies. One of my favorite products is their Good Night Magnesium Lotion, which is great to promote relaxation and sleep for the entire family!

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Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely sells amazingly comfortable maternity & nursing clothes. I live in their super soft sleep bras and nightgowns! Save 20% on your first order when you shop through my link!

Raising Human Beings- Gentle Parenting Course

Raising Human Beings- How to Parent Little Kids with Big Feelings is a transformative course from Our Mama Village that provides tangible and clear strategies to understanding and managing frustrating behavior. It has been invaluable to me in understanding and connecting with my child!

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I've listed dozens of my favorite products here!

My Green Mattress

This is an affordable non-toxic mattress brand that I love! After doing a lot of research on non-toxic mattresses, this is the brand that seemed the most reasonably priced to fit our needs. We have a king-sized mattress for our master bedroom, and my daughter has a full-sized mattress that we made into a floorbed for her. 

MaryRuth Organics

My favorite healthy supplements for the entire family! Some of our favorites that we use daily include: the Liquid Morning Multivitamin, Liquid Nighttime Multimineral, and the Liquid Probiotic.

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Limit one per customer, minimum purchase of $23.95 

Mama Sing My Song

This is the absolute BEST gift for children and has brought so much joy to our family! Amanda is so talented and creates unique songs for your child based on the information you provide her about them. This is such a special gift!

Use the code: TAYLOR10 to save 10% on your order!

Thrive Market

We love Thrive Market for all of our healthy, organic pantry staples that fit our dietary needs!

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