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My mission is to provide mothers with comprehensive & affordable postpartum support. I understand that women’s health and motherhood is dynamic and complex. My broad and holistic educational background allows me to address all aspects of a family's well-being, including environmental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual factors. My approach is collaborative. Rather than telling you what to do, I work WITH you to determine your unique goals, and I guide you towards making tangible changes in your life to meet these goals. I do not want you to rely on my services long term. Instead, I strive to empower you by teaching you tools and strategies that you can continue to utilize in your daily life after our time together ends.


I strongly believe that the health and well-being of mother & baby are inter-connected, and not mutually exclusive. Too often, I hear stories of women with mental health challenges being pressured by her medical provider to do things she feels uncomfortable with, such as sleep training her infant. I don't believe this is necessary in most cases. My goal is to help parents find practical solutions that work for them while simultaneously practicing responsive parenting and respecting baby's needs during this vulnerable time.

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Sleep challenges can have a huge impact on the well-being of the entire family. I offer 1:1 support that validates your instincts without the use of traditional sleep training. Together, we tackle sleep holistically: We address factors that may be impacting your child's ability to sleep, we explore developmentally appropriate expectations for sleep, and we shift patterns to ones that work better for your family all while supporting attachment and cultivating connection. You can keep the pieces of your sleep routine that you love, and I will support you as you make changes to the pieces that no longer work for your family. It's not just a journey in sleep, it's a journey in parenting.

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